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Image by Vicky T


Elizabeth Myers has been working as a full-time intuitive healer for over a decade. She’s widely regarded as a healing specialist when it comes to the body, mind, and spirit. Her no-contact healing technique has changed the lives of countless people. In both a mental and physical capacity, Elizabeth alleviates pain, restores energy, and helps her clients find balance. She is down to Earth, warm, sincere, and quite funny at times. Her loyal client base is a testament to how much people benefit from her services. Prior to going full time with her energy healing work, Elizabeth double majored in Human Resources and Management.


Intuitive abilities run in Elizabeth’s family. Her brother, Andy Myers, has been a full-time psychic medium for over a decade, and her aunt, Terry Myers, has intuitive gifts as well. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with friends, drinking coffee, and is kept busy by her two young boys.

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