"Meeting with Elizabeth Myers for intuitive healing was an amazing experience! I first went to her with emotional baggage. I had a lot of insecurities, self-doubt, emotional trauma from my divorce and relationships lost, and I needed spiritual and emotional healing. I received so much more. Not only did Elizabeth speed along healing of my emotional pain and torn spirit, she also removed the pain from my ears I had been dealing with all summer and took away the tightness in my chest caused by anxiety and from subconsciously holding my breath. She has been working on my lungs and I feel that I can finally BREATHE again. I no longer have anxiety to the degree of a full-blown panic attack. I feel reenergized and free of negative energy that used to hinder my progress. Elizabeth is not only extremely talented and gifted, she is also very warm, compassionate, caring and a great listener. I seriously could go on about how great and wonderful she is but you should see for yourself!!"


“I first met with Elizabeth nearly 2 years ago. I was searching for help for emotional challenges after losing my 14 year old son to cancer and physical ailments dealing with auto immune issues that affect my quality of life. Elizabeth's beautiful gift to heal opened the door to turning my life back around after years of struggles. From the first visit, I felt tremendous lightness in my heart and my physical issues began to disappear. I shared my amazing experience with my husband and daughter and they began seeing Elizabeth with the same incredible results.  My family is so blessed to have met Elizabeth!"


“I could fill an entire book with examples of Elizabeth’s healings. On two different occasions I was sick as a dog and had to give big lectures, which obviously requires a lot of stamina. With her energy work and healing ability I was not only able to give my lectures, but had more than enough energy to do so. I miraculously, suddenly didn’t feel sick anymore. At all! The only word to describe her ability is ‘WOW.’ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- if you don’t believe in miracles, go see my sister and she might change your mind”.

-Psychic Medium Andy Myers


“I had 10 years of lower back pain with no answers of why or what was wrong, I even spent some time doing physical therapy about 5 years ago with no relief. I had come to the realization that I was going to have to live with the pain until I met Elizabeth. Three visits with Elizabeth and I’m completely relieved of pain in the lower back region. I feel great! I feel so very fortunate to have met Elizabeth and had her healings work. I feel so much better and no longer have to drive with a fist behind my back as I previously would have to do. Thanks Elizabeth! I would highly recommend visiting her. It is a painless session that reaps rewards for your physical and mental health.“


"I was completely amazed and impressed after a healing session with Elizabeth! She has a great mix of competent professionalism and friendly openness. I went in with a hurt foot from a sports injury and feeling down in the dumps from being hurt for so long. When I left, I was not only walking better, but feeling much happier too! I would recommend her to anyone in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing!"